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No More Fire Deaths in Philadelphia - The objectives of the NMFD program  are to prevent ignition of the most fatal fires and ensure resident safety during fires. Under the leadership of former Commissioner Derrick Sawyer, the pilot program refined their alarm installation process after analysis of fire incident data to determine root cause and individual risk factors. Improvements in the participating pilot stations outpaced the rest of the city by 30%. 3.2k alarms were installed in 1.2k homes and 2 life saves have been documented within the pilot period.

Sprinklers in Rapid City (S.D.) - The fire sprinkler initiative now focuses on all institutions, historic and high-risk commercial buildings, multifamily housing, low-income transient housing, student housing and homes of department personnel. Since 2004 they have seen 33 fire sprinkler saves. Division Chief Tim Behlings recommends that we stop digging the hole and start building a ladder so that more people will be protected by sprinklers in the next decade.


  • Identify how Philadelphia changed their smoke alarm installation process following these 4 steps: planning, education, installation, and review.
  • Learn how incentives, education, and customer service led the way for installation of 1,044 fire sprinkler systems in Rapid City, South Dakota.
  • Customize flyers, door hangers, and activity pages for your community at no cost using the new Materials Generator from Vision 20/20.
  • Find out about Vision 20/20’s resources for training and preparing personnel for effective community risk reduction.

Jim Crawford, Vision 20/20 Project Manager; Fire Marshal, Vancouver Washington (Ret.)
Peg Carson, Vision 20/20 Operations Manager; Education Specialist, Carson Associates, Inc.
Derrick Sawyer, Philadelphia Fire Commissioner (Ret.)
Tim Behlings, Division Chief, Fire Service (S.D.)
Meri-K Appy, Vision 20/20 Strategic Partnership Manager; President, Appy and Associates

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