Safety Stand Down - Annual Firefighter Medical Physicals: Be Aware, Get Checked

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This webinar highlights important components of this year's Safety Stand Down theme, "Be Aware - Get Checked" which will take place, June 17 - 23, 2018. 

Presenters will discuss critical safety, health and survival issues for the fire and emergency services.  All departments and personnel are asked to take the week of June 17 - 23 to focus their attention on safety, health education and training.

Firefighters face many risks such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, PTSD and more; early detection through annual medical evaluations and physicals saves lives.  Safety Safe Down week is provided to ensure all duty shifts can participate. 


  • The importance of firefighters having an annual medical physical
  • The most significant health-risk factors for firefighters and how an annual medical physical can help to manage risks
  • How to implement concepts to work toward an annual medical-physical program in your organization


Sara A. Jahnke, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Fire, Rescue and EMS Health Research at the National Development and Research Institutes
Todd LaDuc,  Executive Assistant Chief Broward Co. Sheriff Fire Rescue (FL) and IAFC Safety Health and Survival Section Board Member 

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