Inclusive Leadership

59 minutes Resource

The IAFC and ESCI [], the consulting arm of the IAFC, presented the second in a series of webinars exploring how fire service leaders can best address personnel-management challenges in fire departments today. Hosted by Dr. Cassi L. Fields, PhD., vice president of ESCI Human Capital Division, Inclusive Leadership addressed how fire departments can move strategically toward becoming inclusive organizations.

Sheldon Gilbert, CEO, ESCI
Trisha Wolford, Fire Chief, Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Fire Department
Jo-Ann Lorber, Assistant Chief, Ft. Lauderdale (Florida) Fire Department

Participants learned:

  • Practical methods to move your organization toward more inclusivity
  • Identifying barriers to inclusivity at the macro (policies, leadership) and micro level (individual member exclusion) 
  • Practical methods to eliminate inclusivity barriers or outright exclusionary practices 

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