Webinar: PulsePoint Verified Responder

  • October 29, 2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Online
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PulsePoint for professional use and expanded community engagement in cardiac emergency response

The PulsePoint Respond app already serves 4,000 communities and boosts more than 2.5 million users, but with Verified Responder, the PulsePoint Foundation expands professional capabilities and extends its reach to residential sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) activations—where 70% of SCAs occur. Learn how harnessing off-duty personnel and community members with advanced medical training can help decrease the number of out-of-hospital SCA deaths. Hear from past IAFC president, Tom Jenkins, PulsePoint founder and retired fire chief Richard Price and Dr. Tom Rea, leading authority in cardiac arrest response.

  1. PulsePoint Verified Responder Pro is the professional version of PulsePoint Respond, providing advanced functionality for agency personnel.
  2. Verified Responder extends PulsePoint CPR-needed alerts beyond public locations.
  3. PulsePoint offers Verified Responder for medically trained community members and Verified Responder Pro for public safety agency employees. These individuals are notified of ALL cardiac arrest events, including those in private homes.
  4. Agencies manage enrollment in their Verified Responder program and invite employees and community members to participate. Verified Responders can be equipped with an AED, PPE or any other equipment deemed valuable for use prior to arrival of advanced care

Richard Price, Founder and President, Organization/Department, PulsePoint Foundation (bio)
Thomas Jenkins, Fire Chief, City of Rogers Fire Department (bio)
Dr. Thomas Rea, Professor, Medicine Section Head, Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington (bio)
Shannon Smith, Vice President, Communications, PulsePoint Foundation (bio)

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