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Webinar: NFIRS, The Electronic Data Warehouse and Analytics

1 hour 13 minutes NFIRS_Webinar2_1280x720

NFIRS Application/Tool Use it for:

  • Bulk Import Utility (BIU)
  • Uploading data files for processing at the national level and running a daily report against the uploaded incidents.
  • How to use Bulk Export Utility (BEU) and exporting data from the national database.
  • Understanding the process of entering NFIRS incidents via a web browser.
  • How to use the reports Tool generating standard output reports on NFIRS data after entering report parameters and filters.
  • Learn how to use the System Administration Tools to manage incidents and groups, releasing and unreleasing incidents, and viewing logs of all actions performed.


  • The Big Picture
  • NFIRS process


  • Frank Nagy, United States Fire Administration- Statistician
  • Dwight Crews, United States Fire Administration- Fire Program Specialist

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