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The Art of Creating Positive Impressions from Annual Reports

  • August 18, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Online
Public Consulting Group


Developing your department’s annual report shouldn’t just be an accumulation of text and numbers on a white page … it should be a sales pitch, a marketing push … and it should leave a positive impression for your community leaders, your stakeholders, and your citizens.


This presentation will help:

  • You develop, design, and display your annual report with information that is relevant, consumable, and purposeful.
  • Compare existing reports while looking for impact factors and relevant information that will help you to form your own first impression.
  • Leave you with a path to follow while you build your department’s next annual report.


Tim Nowak, Senior Project Specialist - Public Consulting Group
Tim Nowak joined PCG’s Public Safety Consulting Services, following a 20-year career as an EMS clinician (career firefighter and paramedic/critical care paramedic), educator, content contributor, and administrator with extensive background in training, quality assurance, administration, operations, logistics, and mobile integrated healthcare/community paramedicine disciplines. His work experience spans rural, suburban, urban, and hospital settings in four states as well as various EMS association boards and state rule work groups. Most recently, Tim served as Assistant EMS Chief of Special Operations for a county-wide, municipal EMS agency in Florida running over 50,000 calls per year. Tim is also the founder and CEO of Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC, an independent EMS content and development company that he established in 2010.

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