Chief Chats

Through short and engaging presentations at the FRI general session, hear a fire chief and a corporate leader recount and discuss the difficult challenges the fire and emergency service face. Come together with fellow IAFC members and FRI attendees; walk away with best practices and new ways to challenge yourself and your department.

Making Positive Change During America’s Heroin Epidemic  

Huntington (West Virginia) Fire Chief Jan Rader will walk through ground zero of what could be the worst epidemic of our time by exploring how the community and first responders are making a difference – especially through community partnerships. 

Preparing Your Community for the Unthinkable 

Prior to the Camp Fire in California a lot of work had been done locally to prepare the community for major emergencies. Hear from CAL FIRE Unit and County Fire Chief David Hawks on lessons learned following the Camp Fire to further tune the county’s preparedness and efforts that held up during the fire. 

David Hawks_FRI19
Lori Moore-Merrell_FRI19
Generational Differences: What’s Next? 

Hear from Lori Moore-Merrell as she examines new generations joining the workforce and the impact on fire and emergency services and the communities they serve.