Chief Chats

Through short and engaging presentations at the FRI general session, hear a fire chief and a corporate leader recount and discuss the difficult challenges the fire and emergency service face. Come together with fellow IAFC members and FRI attendees; walk away with best practices and new ways to challenge yourself and your department.

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The Emotional Turmoil after 1 October Mass Casualty Incident  

Clark County (NV) Fire Chief Greg Cassell will detail the October 1 terror incident, uncover how existing relationships played a significant role in the response and offer firsthand advice on lessons learned. 

First Inclusive Response Effect (F.I.R.E.)

As first responders, critical situations often call for swift actions that are powered by instincts and reinforced through experience and hours of repetitive training. This cognitive process can result in saved lives in the face of emergency, however it also forms the basis for bias-based decisions which can lead to the exclusion of people different from us. This session will explore how to foster inclusion in the workplace and community by discussing how we should react to our first responses in order to make decisions based upon our values rather than ones rooted in unconscious bias.

FRI, Speaker, Fire-Rescue International, Chief, Education