Sneak a Peek at FRI 2020

Experience a new way of learning.| Say goodbye to tracks and hello to hubs.| Hubs will provide content and experiences via...| deep dives,| master classes,| game changers,| peer collaboration,| edutainment,| express tracks,| informal learning and more.| All in one of five hubs.

Operational Excellence

Executing results-driven strategies for the individual and the organization to efficiently, effectively, and reliably deliver service excellence.

Responder Wellbeing

Promoting the health, happiness, and prosperity of responders including behavior, life satisfaction, and a sense of meaning and purpose.

Future Forward

Explore an intelligent future through vision, foresightedness, innovation, and creativity.

Human Talent

Recruiting, retaining, developing, rewarding, and enhancing performance to improve individual and organizational value.

Leadership Insights

Inspiring continuous growth by thinking with fresh insights, stretching our understanding, and igniting ideas.

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Exhibit Hall

The FRI 2020 Exhibit Hall will feature:

  • All five hubs with a fully functional restaurant/bar
  • New exhibitor products
  • More (and better) food and beverage options
  • Increased networking space for attendees and exhibitors
  • Experts in or hubs facilitating short and concise educational moments

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