Conference Status

We have been receiving inquiries about the status of the 2020 HazMat Conference. First and foremost, our team is focused on the health and safety of attendees, instructors, exhibitors and our staff. Even today, we still have essential staff at IAFC HQ seven days a week monitoring the progression of the COVID-19 virus and communicating with federal and state officials.

That said, even though the start date of the IAFC Haz-Mat Conference is still almost 2 months away, the IAFC Conference Staff and the IAFC HazMat Committee have been meeting virtually at least once a week, and sometime more, regarding the status of the conference and what options are available to us.

Beyond the legal obligations of the contracts with hotels, etc., the IAFC and the Haz-Mat Committee feel that now, more than ever, it’s important for us to get information out to haz-mat officers on the frontlines of this COVID-19 response.  How we do that, and balance health and safety, is a constant conversation we are having. There are many things that must be considered. Current guidelines and restrictions, the city and hotel’s ability to even host us and again, the health and safety of those who might attend.

Before we can even begin to make a final decision to cancel, we must work through the possibility of alternate dates, offering some of the sessions remotely over the web, etc.

Moving the conference date requires a lot of coordination with the Hilton, and offering “online” sessions will not work for much of what the conference has to offer, but many of the education sessions may. That said, many of the instructors are on the front lines at this time and are extremely busy, so we are trying to navigate what works best for them and for the students who attend the conference.

Rest assured – as soon as we have some updated information on a path forward we will post that information here and on the HazMat Center website. Stay tuned for further developments and most of all we hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.