IntlFireOpsConf_Bader Al_Qadran

Special Guest:
Bader Al-Qadran, Executive Director Safety & Industrial Security
Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)

Mr. Bader Al-Qadran joined Saudi Aramco in 1975 as a Trainee in Dhahran ITC and then moved to Safaniyah Onshore as Gas Operator before attending Texas State Technical Institute between 1982 and 1983. He received an Associate's degree in Instrumentation from there and graduated from Northern Arizona University, USA, with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering in 1986. Since that time, he has shown an on-going commitment to personal and professional learning, having completed over a dozen leadership and managerial courses, including participation in senior-level programs such as the "Executive Influence Program", the "Economics of Oil Program", the "Asia Business and Culture Program" and "Saudi Aramco Leadership in Washington, USA". He also completed Executive Education Study at the London Business School.

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Mohammed AbuHussian

Mohammed A. AbuHussain, Fire Protection Engineer, CFPS, CFEI, CFPE
Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)

Mohammed AbuHussain holds a bachelor degree of Fire & Explosion Engineering from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Mohammed Joined Saudi Aramco Fire Protection Department in 2008 where he managed various projects such as the commissioning of fire protection systems at Khurais Project, designing & commissioning of various fire related equipment. In the past  few years, Mohammed has been working as the Special operations Coordinator for Saudi Aramco Program for Responding and Managing Large Storage Tank Fires. This program involves the assessment of resources needed at various facilities for responding  and mitigating incidents in storage tanks.  Mohammed is a certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS), Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI), as well as, a Certified Fire Plan Examiner (CFPE).

IntlFireOpsConf_Mozher Al_Qahtani

Mozher N. Al-Qahtani, CTR, MBA, Fire Operations Superintendent, SA FrPD
Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)

On January 19, 1991, Mozher N. Al-Qahtani joined Saudi Aramco Apprenticeship Program as Metal Mechanic. On December 1993, he decided to change his career and joined SA Fire Protection department. He began his career as a firefighter and promoted to Fire Apparatus Operator, then Captain, and Deputy Fire Chief / Sr. Fire Instructor, then Fire Chief from 1997 to 2012.  In 2014, he was appointed to the position of Fire Operations Superintendent. His line experience includes industrial and structural firefighting, hazardous materials, rescue operations, critical stress management and scene management.

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IntlFireOpsConf_Hamed Alrashed

Hamed Alrashed, Fire Operation Superintendent of Dhahran/Riyadh Fire Protection Division
Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)

Hamed Alrashed is the fire operation superintendent of Dhahran/Riyadh Fire Protection Division within Saudi Aramco Fire Protection Department at which he spent most of his career since 2001. Hamed has a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) and a master degree in disaster science and management from the University of Delaware, USA. He has obtained most of his fire and service training at Saudi Aramco and the Justice Institute of British Colombia, Canada. He is also a certified fire protection specialist (CFPS) and certified Industrial Emergency Response Specialist from Texas A&M.

IntlFireOpsConf_John Ceriello

John Ceriello, Captain
Fire Department New York (USA)

John Ceriello is a 26-year veteran of the New York City Fire Department. He is a Captain and currently assigned to Division of Training. He has been at the forefront in the FDNY’s Wind Impacted Fires Project that introduced stairwell pressurization, wind control devices and high-rise nozzles into the field.  He also was part of the implementation of new concepts of ventilation and flowpath control to the FDNY. John is on Underwriter Laboratories advisory panel for a number of projects including their most recent research on horizontal and vertical ventilation.

IntlFireOpsConf_SeongChul Choi

SeongChul Choi, Deputy Fire Chief
South Korea National Fire Agency (South Korea)

SeongChul Choi is a PH.D student in Fire and Emergency Management Administration program in Oklahoma State University.  SeongChul was selected as a beneficiary of the Korean Government Long-Term Fellowship Program for Overseas Study hosted by the Ministry of Personnel Management and worked for the Ministry of Public Safety and Security (MPSS) which handled four phases of disaster when he came to the U.S in May of 2016.  He now works in the NFA that focuses on disaster response as a Deputy Fire Chief.

IntlFireOpsConf_Randal Collins

Randal Collins, President & CEO
All-Hazards Incident Management Team Association, LLC (USA)

Randal “Randy” Collins is the Emergency Management Coordinator for the city of El Segundo, CA. Randy also serves as the President and CEO for the All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Association, a position he has held since 2012 and is a charter board member. Randy is currently pursuing an educational doctorate from the University of Southern California in organizational change and leadership and he is expected to graduate in May of 2019. His dissertation is focused on toxic leadership within public safety.

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IntlFireOpsConf_Brian Crawford

Brian Crawford, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
City of Shreveport, Louisiana (USA)

Brian A. Crawford is the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the City of Shreveport (LA). Prior to this appoint he served as the Fire Chief in both Shreveport and Plano, Texas.  In his current role as CAO and at the direction of the mayor, he is responsible for oversight of all day-to-day operations of the City of Shreveport and its various departments through its $462 million operating budget and 2,700 employees. Crawford is a Certified Emergency Manger (CEM) and graduate of the NFA’s Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP) and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government. He previously served as the Commander for LA USAR Task Force One I operations in Tuscaloosa (AL) following an F-4 tornado in 2011 and was recently appointed to the Louisiana State Police Commission by Governor John Bel Edwards.  He possesses a master’s degree in industrial psychology from Louisiana Tech University and a bachelor degree in organizational management.

IntlFireOpsConf_David Downey

David Downey, Fire Chief
Miami-Dade (Fla.) Fire Rescue (USA)

Dave Downey is currently the Fire Chief of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.  He is a 36-year veteran of the fire service working through the ranks as a firefighter, company officer, Battalion Chief, Division Chief, and Assistant Fire Chief. Chief Downey serves as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Florida Fire Chief's Association, the Deputy Coordinator for Florida's Statewide Emergency Response Plan, and the Fire Representative to the Executive Board for the Southeast Regional Domestic Security Task Force.

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IntlFireOpsConf_Rodney Eksteen

Rodney Eksteen, Assistant Director, Western Cape Government, Department of Local Government
Fire & Rescue Services (South Africa)

Rodney Eksteen is currently the Assistant Director in the Department of Local Government for Fire and Rescue Services of the Western Cape Province in South Africa. He is responsible for the implementation of programmes that mitigate fire risk in the province. Prior to working for the Western Cape Government, Rodney was Divisional Chief for the City of Johannesburg Fire and Emergency Services, and was responsible for project managing the emergency preparedness and planning of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer. Currently, he is involved with teaching Community Risk Reduction for the Nelson Mandela University and All Hazard Incident Command System training with the University of Cape Town. Most recently he participated as an ICS Instructor deployed with the US A.I.D. Cadre conducting ICS Training for the City of Windhoek Fire Services in Namibia. In addition, to his many fire service qualifications, Rodney has a degree in Health Sciences and Social Services and a Master's in Business Administration.

Charles Hansen_IFOC

Charles L. Hansen, Battalion Chief of Operations
Oklahoma City (Ok.) Fire Department (USA)

Chief Hansen has over 30 years’ experience with the Oklahoma City Fire Department and is the current Battalion Chief of Operations for OKCFD. He rose through the ranks of suppression having been a Hazmat Station Officer and District Chief 603B.  He is an EMT-D, EMS Instructor, Hazmat Technician and Instructor, DEA Certified in Clandestine Lab Operations and a member of the Critical Incident Stress Management Team.   He has responded to several Type I and Type II incidents that include the OKC Bombing 1995, WTC Attack, May 3rd 1999 Tornado and 2013 Moore/OKC Tornado, Hurricane Gustav, and the National Security Event in OKC with the NBA Finals. Chief Hansen is an original team member and current member of OK-TF1.

IntlFireOpsConf_Roy Harold

Roy Harold, Chief Fire Officer (Ret.)
Norfolk County (UK)

Roy Harold served for 27 years as a fire officer in the UK, retiring in 2017 as Chief Fire Officer and Head of Public Safety for Norfolk County Council. Roy began his career in London Fire Brigade, and his service included a 3-year secondment to central government, working on national contingency planning, for which he was subsequently awarded an MBE. He was the national capability lead for Flood Rescue and chaired the working group that published current UK flood response guidance. He has also worked on national guidance for integrated risk management, health & safety, working at height, and he chaired the final drafting committee that produced the UK's Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles. Roy is a European Union Civil Protection expert advisor and project evaluator and has participated in a range of international emergency management research projects and exercises.

Chief Thomas Jenkins

Thomas Jenkins, Fire Chief, City of Rogers Fire Department (Ark.)
President, International Association of Fire Chiefs (USA)

Fire Chief Tom Jenkins has served as the City of Rogers, Arkansas fire chief since 2009. Prior to his arrival in Arkansas, he served as Deputy Chief for the City of Sand Springs, Oklahoma Fire Department.

He holds a bachelor's degree in fire protection and safety engineering from Oklahoma State University, and a master's degree in public administration from the University of Oklahoma. Chief Jenkins is a 2006 graduate of the Executive Fire Officer Program at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland and became Arkansas's first Chief Fire Officer Designee from the Commission on Professional Credentialing in 2010.

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IntlFireOpsConf_Jeffrey Johnson

Jeff Johnson, Vice Chairman
FirstNet (USA)

Jeffrey D. Johnson, Chief (Ret.) is the retired Fire Chief of Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue in Oregon where he served as Chief Executive Officer for 15 years of his 32-year career and is the past President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.  Chief Johnson, currently holds the role of CEO of the Western Fire Chiefs Association and Vice Chairman of the Board for the First Responders Network Authority (FirstNet) having been a key advocate seeking congressional authorization.  Chief Johnson's career is distinguished by his positive leadership style, humor and business approach future-proofing organizations.

IntlFireOpsConf_Todd LeDuc

Todd LeDuc, Executive Assistant Fire Chief
Boward County (Fla.) Sheriff Fire Rescue (USA)

Todd J. LeDuc, MS, CFO, FIFirE is a twenty-eight-year veteran of the Broward County, Florida. fire service and currently serves as its Executive Assistant Fire Chief. Broward County is the largest dual accredited fire department in the U.S. 's 17th most populous County. Chief LeDuc serves as the Secretary of the IAFC Safety, Health & Survival Section. He holds a master degree in executive fire service leadership, is a credentialed chief fire officer, and Fellow in the Institute of Fire Engineers. He is a columnist with Fire Engineering and Fire Rescue Magazine. He is a peer reviewer for both international fire accreditation and professional credentialing with the Center for Public Safety Excellence. Chief LeDuc lecturers and consults frequently with public safety entities on occupational health & safety, leadership, risk management and operations.


Mark W. Light, MPA, CAE, CEO and Executive Director
International Association of Fire Chiefs

Mark W. Light is chief executive officer and executive director of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). The IAFC is located in Fairfax, Virginia and represents over 11,000 fire chiefs, chief officers and fire service leaders.

Mr. Light is responsible for the overall management and leadership, in conjunction with an 18-member board of directors, of a non-profit organization with a budget of approximately $15 million and a staff of 75 people.  Before being appointed as the CEO, he served for five and a half years as the deputy executive director.  

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IntlFireOpsConf_Lark McDonald

Lark McDonald, CEO
Mission-Centered Solutions (USA

Lark McDonald is CEO and founder of Mission-Centered Solutions (MSC), a US-based consulting and education firm that specializes in improving the operational cultures of organizations that work in high-risk, high-consequence environments.  This portfolio is focused on firefighting in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Prior to MCS, Lark was a commercial pilot and flight instructor and has more than 30 years in educational systems design, which included managing programs that supported the operational culture of U.S. military aviation flight crews.
Lark’s work for MCS is currently focused on strategic positioning and international business development.  He holds a B.S. in aviation studies with emphasis in HF psychology.

IntlFireOpsConf_Stuart McElhaney

Stuart McElhaney, COO
Emergency Services Consulting International (USA)

M. Stuart McElhaney is the Chief Operating Officer of Emergency Services consulting International (ESCI). He joined ESCI in 2016 as the Eastern Regional Director/senior consultant. Prior to that he served as the Fire Chief of Marion County, Florida from 1994 through 2015. While serving as fire chief, he was appointed Assistant County Administrator for Public Safety in April 2009 serving in a dual capacity. He earned a B.S. in Fire Administration from the University of Maryland and is also a graduate of the four-year Executive Fire Officer (EFO) Program at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

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IntlFireOpsConf_Christopher Naum

Christopher Naum, SFPE, CUSA, Chief of Training & Research/Development
Command Institute (USA)

Chief Christopher J. Naum, SFPE is a 43-year fire service veteran and highly regarded national and international instructor, author, lecturer and senior fire officer, he is a distinguished authority on building construction issues affecting the fire and emergency services and has lectured throughout the United States and internationally for over thirty-six years delivering programs on Building Construction, Engineering & Fire Protection, Command Management and Operational Safety. His previous service included Fire Command, Fire Protection & Safety at a US nuclear power plant, over twenty years in field operations & suppression as a commanding company officer in New York and Training & Fire Academy and college academic curricula administration and management. A former Adjunct Instructor with the National Fire Academy (USA), he served on the Board of Directors, IAFC Safety, Health & Survival Section and was a past Vice-President with the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI). 

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IntlFireOpsConf_Prabodh Panindre

Prabodh Panindre, Senior Scientist, New York University - School of Engineering; Faculty, New York University - Abu Dhabi (USA)

Prabodh Panindre, PhD, MBA is a Sr. Scientist and Faculty at the New York University (USA) as well as Faculty, Engineering Division at New York University Abu Dhabi (UAE). Prabodh Panindre graduated with PhD in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from New York University - School of Engineering as "Top Graduate" in both programs.  His scholarly focus includes optics, heat transfer, microfluidics, simulation-based numerical techniques, fire science, and firefighter safety research. 

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IntlFireOpsConf_John Russ

John Russ, Program Manager
National Firefighter Near-Miss Reporting System (USA)

John Russ is an eighteen-year veteran of the fire service, currently working for the Brentwood (Tenn.) Fire & Rescue Department as a Lieutenant/ Paramedic.  He has been the Program Manager for the International Association of Fire Chiefs' Firefighter Near Miss Program since January 2016.  John has worked in various facets of the Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System since its inception in 2005.  John also has worked for numerous career and voluntary fire and emergency service providers to include pre-hospital emergency medical service providers, specialized technical rescue organizations, along with risk management and prevention entities.  He has a Master’s Degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Professional Studies and two Bachelor's Degrees from Eastern Kentucky University; one in Fire & Safety Administration and one in Pre-Hospital Emergency Care. John also is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  

IntlFireOpsConf_Craig Shelley

Craig Shelley, Chief of Marine Operations (Ret.)
City of New York (FDNY) (USA)

Chief Shelley is a 52-year veteran of the fire service.  He served with the City of New York (FDNY) for 26 years retiring as the Chief of Marine Operations. Craig was also the Chief of the City of Rutland (VT) Fire Department as well as serving as a Fire Protection Advisor for Saudi Aramco. Chief Shelley served for eight years on the NFPA’s Technical Committee on Training. Craig has performed petroleum industry and marine consulting throughout the world, most recently for major oil companies in Libya and Brazil where comprehensive analysis’ of process, storage and marine facilities were conducted. Currently, he is the CEO of World Safe International. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Service Administration and a Master of Science degree in Executive Fire Service Leadership. Chief Shelley is also a co-author of Industrial Firefighting for Municipal Firefighters (PennWell, 2007) as well as numerous articles in trade publications both in the United States and Internationally.

IntlFireOpsConf_Mark Smith

Mark Smith, Partner and Operations Director
Mission-Centered Solutions (USA)

Mark Smith has been training and leading teams and organizations in complex, high-risk environments worldwide since 1979. During his 22-year military career, Mark served in a variety of special operations staff and leadership positions. Mark has delivered hundreds of MCS leader development programs throughout Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. He has been an influential mentor to 60 Saudi Aramco firefighters as part of the IAFC International Fellowship Program.  Mark is a lead doctrine subject matter expert and educator in support of several agencies efforts to move to a principles-based leadership model and standards. He continues to be involved in several projects designed to evolve the doctrine of emergency management. Mark’s authored several papers from Mission-Driven Culture to improving the response to large catastrophic incidents.