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"I didn't know the IAFC was involved with that!"

We hear this all the time. Check out the following information to help you better understand the value of the IAFC and how we support leaders just like you.


Helping Today’s Chiefs and Tomorrow’s Chief Officers


Gain Knowledge

Build Confidence

Pave Your Path

Providing What You Need, When and How You Need It

Infographic IAFC fact: The IAFC's online community has over 35,000 downloads of valuable resources posted by IAFC members

General Resources

Networking & Knowledge Sharing

Research & New Solutions

Speaking Up for What Matters to You

Infographic IAFC fact: Since 2001, the IAFC has helped secure over $10 billion in AFG/SAFER grants

Legislative Focus

  • Funding for AFG/SAFER Grants, USFA and NFA
  • Public safety communications
  • Volunteer incentives
  • Public policy
  • Learn more

Education about Breaking Topics

  • New terrorist threats
  • New EMS strategies & practices
  • Legislative updates
  • New developments in communications

Work with federal partners & Fire/EMS organizations to:

  • Protect the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Program
  • Develop federally-funded hazmat training
  • Protect homeland security grants
  • Learn more


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