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Biloxi, Mississippi: Fire at a Two-Vehicle Accident

On a Sunday morning in mid-December, Firefighter Mathew Bigelow of the Biloxi (Miss.) Fire Department traveled home through the city of D'Iberville after completing his shift. As he waited for the stoplight to change, a two-vehicle accident occurred directly in front of him in the intersection.

The fuel tank in one of the vehicles, a Ford F-150, ruptured and the truck caught fire; it was soon engulfed in flames with the driver still trapped inside.

Matt immediately got out of his vehicle and approached the burning truck. He extricated the victim and pulled him to safety. The victim was shortly afterwards airlifted to a regional hospital.

For this incident, Matt recently received the Outstanding Citizen Award from the City of D'Iberville for his "extraordinary act of human kindness to a person in need." He truly went above and beyond the call of duty, serving and protecting his fellow man even when his own life was in danger.

Assistant Chief Kirk Noffsinger submitted this Valor Award nomination.

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