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Go Team Program Changes: New Federal Funding Guidelines, IAFC Solutions

The federal government has enacted a program change affecting the funding process for Go Team deployment. Under the new process, funding of the deployment will be assessed based on the status of the incident and may incur expense at the state or local level. Previously, all Go Team deployments were funded by the federal government.

The process to request a Go Team deployment will remain unchanged; however, the new guidelines require the IAFC to obtain a commitment from the requesting authority to cover travel expenses for Go Team members before an activation is approved.

Options for Cost Coverage

The guidelines offer two options for the requesting authority to secure the required funding to support the requested deployment:

If it is a declared disaster, reimbursement can be requested at the appropriate level based on what government body declared the disaster. As such, federal funding of the deployment remains feasible in the event of a federally declared disaster in the local jurisdiction.

If the incident is not declared, the requesting agency will be responsible for the deployment costs. The agency responsible for reimbursement may pay directly for the transportation, lodging and meal expenses of the team members deployed.

The IAFC understands that acquiring much needed assistance in a timely manner, and without the added burden of administrative processes, is of extreme importance. The association has developed an alternative option centered on reimbursement for nondeclared incidents.

The IAFC has entered into an agreement with the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) who will handle a reimbursement process that will allow for immediate deployment of Go Team resources. CalEMA will bill the agency responsible for reimbursement of Go Team transportation, lodging and meal expenses. The IAFC has developed this agreement in order to expedite deployment and facilitate continuation of the program at cost.

Requesting a Go Team

To request a Go Team, call 1-888-840-6884. If you have questions about the Go Teams program, contact Amber Wells, IAFC program specialist, at 703-880-5121.

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