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IAFC Board Approves Technical Amendment to Bylaws

Last year, IAFC members overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the IAFC Constitution and Bylaws which establishes minimum qualifications for section officers. After review of the Membership Business Meeting minutes from FRI by the Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee (CBR), a technical flaw was found in an approved amendment to Article II Section 3(B) from the floor. A corrected copy was presented to the IAFC Board of Directors by CBR for their review and approval as per Article VII, Section 3.

On October 8, 2015 the IAFC Board during its monthly conference call approved the corrected language to the amendment to Article II, Section 3 (B) as presented. Specifically, the reference to “Article III Section 2” in Article II Section 3 (B) was removed as recommended by the CBR Committee. The change is as follows:

Article II - Section 3 B
In order to be eligible for election or appointment as a section officer, a Regular member must qualify as a section member according to Article II Section 4 (A)(1) and Article III Section 2; if the section represents Affiliate members, an affiliate section member must be employed by (or a member of) a fire department, and, if the section is eligible for representation on the IAFC Board of Directors, the section’s representative must be employed by (or a member of) a fire department.  In the event that a member vacates his/her position through retirement or otherwise as a leader of the department while holding an elected office, the member may continue to hold that office until completion of the term.

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