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IAFC Member Value Comes to Life at FRI!

IAFC members, Fire-Rescue International is your annual meeting.

At FRI, you’ll find new ideas, cutting-edge research and proven leadership strategies. It’s here that brainstorming and creative ideas turn into innovative concepts that are shaping the future of the fire service.

As a member, you turn to the IAFC for resources, connections and access. As an FRI attendee, you’ll see this multiply and the value of your membership come to life:

  • Resources – In just three days at FRI, you’ll be inundated with information, whitepapers, SOPs, guidelines and endless number of other proven resources. These are vetted tools used by your peers to help you succeed as you tackle similar challenges in your community.
  • Connections – While today’s technology allows for constant communication and online connections, there’s no substitute for the face-to-face interaction that happens at FRI. Experience this in the classroom with presenters, on the exhibit-hall floor with vendors and in the hallways, hotels and networking events with other attendees. Establishing a valued network of peers is what FRI is all about.
  • Access – When you attend FRI, you’re exposed to seasoned veterans and subject-matter experts that you don’t find at other events. You have the opportunity to sit down with chiefs and officers of departments—large and small—to see how they operate and the solutions they're implementing to address today’s challenges. You also have access to products and services new to the marketplace. FRI is a place to see, test and sample what’s out there as you plan for future purchases. So whether it’s in the classroom or in the expo, you’ll gain valuable insight from thought-leaders in all facets of fire and EMS.

This is the first time FRI is going to San Antonio and we know it’s going to be an outstanding conference. We want you to be a part of the education, the engagement and the excitement.

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