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IAFC Seeks Applicants for Committee Openings

IAFC Committees

Communications Committee - This committee analyzes and provides guidance on wireless radio communication issues that impact the U.S. fire service and public safety. Direct qualification questions to Jim Goldstein.

Human Relations Committee - This committee promotes and provides guidance toward an open, respectful, diverse fire and emergency service workforce that is responsive to the needs of a changing environment. Direct qualification questions to Jim Philipps.

NFPA Technical Committees

The IAFC relies on the expertise of our members to represent us on technical committees established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Your voice as a leader of the fire service and member of the IAFC needs to be heard on these committees so we can offer a balance to the positions of the industrial, governmental and other organizational representatives.

Currently, we're accepting letters of interest and resumes from IAFC members who would like to serve as our alternate representative on the following NFPA technical committees:

Fire Code

Wildland and Rural Fire Protection

Wildland Fire Management

Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications

Requirements for IAFC and NFPA Committees

Previous committee experience is not required, but appropriate familiarity related to the assignment should be documented. Applicants must be current IAFC members to apply for these appointments. Your resume should provide details demonstrating your qualifications for the position you're applying for.

To Apply

Submit a resume and a letter of interest with complete contact information to Christine Booth by Nov. 24.

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