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Looking for Research? Visit the New FSTAR Website

The IAFC is pleased to announce the launch of FSTAResearch.org. As the new flagship website of the Firefighter Safety Through Advanced Research (FSTAR) project, the website features a searchable research library and user-friendly summaries of cutting-edge research.

FSTAR was developed as an outcome of the growth in fire service research. The IAFC saw a gap in the dissemination of this critical information from researchers to the entire fire service. After starting with a focus on fire dynamics, FSTAR has now broadened its approach to include all fire service research, such as the emerging research uncovering the complexities of maintaining firefighter health and wellness.

The FSTAR searchable library contains more than 300 research studies that address challenges faced by fire departments on a daily basis. Far-ranging research topics are available, including:

  • Fire dynamics: modern building construction, changes in room contents, tactical considerations
  • Firefighter health/wellness: cancer, cardiovascular health, fitness for duty, and mental and emotional health
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Technology

In addition to the research library, FSTAR is distilling research down to its essential points to help fire chiefs, company officers and firefighters use science-based information in their decision-making. FSTAR Featured Studies focus on a wide range of issues facing the fire service.

Working with researchers and industry experts, FSTAR’s Featured Studies break research outcomes into easy to use, simple takeaways. They are designed to be used by all levels of the fire service to improve their operations, tactics and decision-making.

FSTAR will continue to push out resources, including Research Studies and Featured Studies; sign up for the monthly FSTAR newsletter to keep up with the latest research identified by FSTAR.

Visit FSTAResearch.org to begin your search today.

FSTAR is funded by a FEMA/AFG Fire Prevention and Safety award.

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