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Meet the New IAFC Officers Installed at Fire-Rescue International

Chief William R. "Bill" Metcalf, EFO, CFO, President & Chairman of the Board

Chief Metcalf was installed as IAFC president and chairman of the board at Fire-Rescue International in Chicago. In this role, he’ll provide leadership to our 18-member board of directors and serve as the primary spokesperson for the association on matters of national and international interest. He’ll testify on behalf of the IAFC at U.S. House and Senate hearings and serve as the representative dignitary for the association in all major political and international functions.

Metcalf has served as the chief for the North County Fire Protection District in Fallbrook, Calif., since 2003. He started his fire service career in 1974 with the Anne Arundel County (Md.) Fire Department and also served with the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District in Incline Village, Nev. He has also served in a number of senior management positions in state government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations.

An IAFC member since 1995, Metcalf previously served as a chair of the Emergency Management Committee, vice chair of the National Centers Task Force and of the National Fire Service Mutual Aid Response System Task Force, a member of the Homeland Security Council and secretary for the EMS Section. He currently serves as treasurer for the International Fire Service Research Center and Policy Institute.

At home, he is a past president of the San Diego County Fire Districts Association and a past board member of the San Diego County Fire Chiefs Association.

Metcalf has an associate’s degree in paramedic sciences, a bachelor’s degree in management and a master’s degree in organizational leadership. He’s also a graduate of the Executive Fire Officer Program and is a Chief Fire Officer designate.

At FRI, Chief Metcalf spoke passionately about the challenges facing the fire service today and what his priorities are for the coming year. Watch Chief Metcalf’s interview on IAFCtv.org: "Interview with IAFC’s Incoming President 2013."

Chief Keith Bryant, 1st Vice President

"I want to start by thanking you, the IAFC members, for allowing me the privilege of serving you as IAFC 2nd vice president over the previous year. I’m looking forward to meeting more of you as I begin my year as your first vice president.

"I’m excited to work with our president, Chief Bill Metcalf, incoming 2nd vice president, Chief Steve Dean, and my fellow members of the board of directors to ensure we provide the highest quality of services and programs and fulfill the IAFC mission to lead, educate and serve.

"As many of you continue to endure financial, political and operational challenges in your departments and agencies, the IAFC is obviously facing these same challenges. And just like many of you have had to make difficult choices and decisions to maintain the best level of service delivery possible to your communities, the IAFC leadership and staff may potentially have difficult decisions ahead of us.

"Many of the issues were identified as the "Wicked Problems" at the IAFC Mission and Vision Summit held earlier this year.

"I’m confident our board of directors, CEO and staff will collectively address these issues in the most transparent, positive manner with our commitment to serve the best interests of the members of our association. We are equally committed to explore opportunities to improve our service and grow our organization.

"Being a member-driven and -centered association, the IAFC needs the active engagement and participation of you, the members. It has never been more critical to the immediate and future success of our association that our members become more involved in setting the direction for the IAFC. Your input isn’t only welcome but absolutely necessary for the board of directors and staff to establish the priorities regarding programs and services that will be of the greatest benefit to us all.

"So I encourage you to stay informed on the issues by reading the articles posted in On Scene, Bugle Brief, IAFC News and the IAFC website. Then share your thoughts and opinions. I also challenge each of you to look for one or more ways to become more involved in the IAFC. Be more active in your division, join a section or volunteer to serve on a committee or task force that you have an interest in.

"To quote incoming President Metcalf, ‘We need you!’"

Chief Steve Dean, 2nd Vice President

"I would like to take a few minutes of your time to express my appreciation for everyone’s support over the last year. It was a truly great year; everyone I spoke with offered nothing but support, and for that I will always be grateful.

The welcome from the divisions, sections, state associations and individuals was nothing short of spectacular. I owe so much to so many that there is no way I could repay everything I owe. The honor that has been bestowed upon me by all of you is still sinking in.

"I look forward to serving you, the members of this great organization, over the next four years. This is an honor and a privilege that few are able to experience. My hope is to pass the torch on in better condition than when it was passed to me.

"I pledge to you, the members, to strive everyday to represent you and the ideals of the IAFC in a manner you’ll be proud of. With everyone’s continued support, input and direction, we can make this organization the beacon of the fire service. To do so will take all of us working together—striving for excellence—in the coming year.

"The leadership in this organization and its board are made up of the most dedicated group of individuals I’ve ever worked with. Their commitment to the organization and its members is beyond reproach; they are, in a word, special.

The staff is dedicated to the members and sacrifice daily to ensure our goals and needs are met. When I attended the new board members training, the amount of work and effort everyone was putting in to move the organization forward was very obvious to all. To the staff—from the top to the bottom—thank you for everything you do.

"Thank you for your support and trust. My hope and prayer is that I can meet the expectations you have of me."

Chief Richard Carrizzo, Treasurer

"I’ve had the privilege of serving on the IAFC board of directors for the past eight years, six of them representing the Missouri Valley Division and the last two as treasurer. During that time, I have been able to gain much insight for the needs and wants of both individual members and the association.

"This perspective will continue to allow me to help move this association financially forward. Each of us, in our departments, has dealt with the changing economic environment of how business is done. The IAFC has had to do the same. I will continue to work hard to implement approaches and work with the board of directors to keep economic strains at a minimum and continue to invest in our growth. It’s my goal to provide direction that sets a strong path toward the future.

"I cannot express enough of my heartfelt thanks to the members of the IAFC for their support and the belief they have shown in me. I wish to than a few people specifically:

  • "The IAFC the board of directors
  • "The Heart of America Fire Chief’s Council. Many mentors have played a large role in who I am today and words are not enough for everything the 'A-Club' has provided to me.
  • "The men and women of Southern Platte Fire, for their daily leadership and dedication to our community. No fire chief could ask for more.
  • "My parents Bob and Marsha Carrizzo, who have continued to teach me patience, the importance of values and respect of people.
  • "Finally, my wonderful, beautiful bride Jennifer. She has continued to support me in everything I’ve done in the fire service and beyond. I really wouldn’t be where I am without her. I want her to know that from the bottom of my heart and soul, I love her, thank her and appreciate all that she does for me.

"It’s an honor to be elected to serve as treasurer and I will do my best to support a strong IAFC. I look forward to the years ahead."

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