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Review 2012 Amendments to IAFC Constitution and Bylaws: Vote to Be Held at FRI Business Meeting

The following seven amendments to the IAFC’s constitution and bylaws will be brought to a vote by the membership at the IAFC business meeting on Wednesday, August 1, 4:30–5:30 pm, in room 204 of the Colorado Convention Center.

For passage, these amendments will require a four-fifths majority vote of those members entitled to vote who are present and voting (governed by Article VI, Section 2. Conference Amendments). We urge all IAFC members attending FRI to please come to the business meeting to vote on these matters and show your support for your association.

1. Annual Banquet. CBR language currently refers to an “annual banquet.” The IAFC board of directors (BOD) and the CBR Committee recommend changing the wording to “annual celebration” since FRI no longer offers a banquet in all cases. (Bylaws IV, Subsection 1. Installation of Officers)

2. Effective Date of Appointments. The IAFC BOD and the CBR Committee recommend changing the effective date of appointment to the CBR Committee and the Elections Committee from October to August to be in line with IAFC practice and other committee appointments. (Bylaws Section II, Subsection 1, Permanent Committees)

3. Division and Section Membership. The IAFC BOD and the CBR Committee recommend adding new language that establishes that all division or section membership-class criteria must include a requirement for IAFC membership to the extent that an applicant for, or member of, a division or section membership class meets the criteria for an IAFC membership class. This language would mirror the recent CBL amendment that in general requires regular members to be members of a division. (Article II, Membership, Proposed New Section 5)

4. Business Meeting at FRI. The IAFC BOD and the CBR Committee recommend addressing the inconsistencies in the CBL when referring to the IAFC business meeting by changing all references to business meetings to the singular form and not to specify “first” or “final” business meetings. If there is a requirement for a “second” business meeting to address unfinished business, the “first” business meeting will not be called to close. (Article VI, Section 2, and Bylaws Section 5, Subsection 7)

5. Mail or Electronic Ballot. The IAFC BOD and the CBR Committee recommend that the phrase ”provided that there are at least two candidates for at least one elective office” be added to the CBL to make entirely clear that if there is no necessity for an election, there will not be a mail or electronic ballot for CBL amendments only. In that case, CBL amendments will be voted on at FRI. (Article VI, Section 1(B), Ballot Amendments)

6. Candidate Withdrawal or Removal. The IAFC BOD and the CBR Committee recommend adding a new subsection to the bylaws that will govern action needed if one or more candidates for an elective office requests removal from the ballot (or is found to be ineligible to run) subsequent to preparation and distribution of the mail or electronic ballot, with the result that there is only one candidate for said elective office. In such a case, the Elections Committee will be authorized to declare the mail or electronic ballot invalid and will present a motion at the annual meeting for election of the single candidate by acclamation. (Bylaws Section III, Election of Officers)

7. Provision for Minimum Number of Ballots. The IAFC BOD and the CBR Committee recommends the addition of the phrase “Provided that there are at least 100 ballots” to CBL language in order to initiate the process whereby a subcommittee of the Elections Committee is required to meet with the firm hired to tabulate the ballots. This provision mirrors the 100-member quorum required for an IAFC business meeting. (Article VI, Section 1(C), Ballot Amendments)

For details, please read the strikeout version of the 2012 Proposed Amendments to Constitution & Bylaws (PDF), showing how it will appear in the IAFC’s constitution and bylaws.

Joelle Fishkin is the IAFC’s component relations manager.

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