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Technical Amendment to Constitution and Bylaws Approved

By authority of the provisions of IAFC’s Bylaws, Section 1, Subsection 5 (“Technical Amendments”), the CBR Committee voted unanimously on March 11 to propose a technical amendment for board of director approval and presentation to the membership at FRI 2017. The amendment recommends that longtime language in the Constitution and Bylaws (PDF) about the amendment process, which had been inadvertently removed due to clerical error in 2013-14, be reinserted:

To be considered by the full membership, any proposed changes must have the approval of the board of directors OR the Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions Committee OR be accompanied by the endorsement of the proponent’s division OR a petition signed by fifty regular members of the Association. The Elections Committee shall establish and approve safeguards required to maintain the integrity of the balloting process prior to initiation of any balloting.

See Article VII, Section 1 (PDF).

On March 20, the IAFC board unanimously approved the technical amendment as recommended by CBR.

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