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U.S. Senate Considers Fiscal Year 2015 DHS Funding

This week, the United States Senate will consider the Fiscal Year 2015 U.S. Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act (H.R. 240). This bill would fund DHS through September 30. Currently, the department is funded by a continuing resolution, which expires on February 27.

The chart below shows the FY 2015 appropriations levels for fire service programs as they compare to the FY 2014 funding levels.

In Millions ($)
FY 2014   
FY 2015
(H.R. 240)
Passed House
USFA 44.000 44.000
FIRE 340.000 340.000
SAFER 340.000 340.000
SHSGP 466.300 467.000
UASI 600.000 600.000
DHS Office of Health Affairs 126.760 129.358
Urban Search and Rescue 35.180 35.180










The bill authorizes DHS to extend the waivers to the requirements of the SAFER grants through FY 2015. It also would prohibit DHS from implementing the Obama administration’s plan to consolidate FEMA’s homeland security grants (the National Preparedness Grant program proposal) without Congressional authorization (thereby rejecting the proposal).

Additionally, the bill would authorize FEMA to allow states that receive FMAGs also to receive hazard mitigation assistance to mitigate post-wildland-fire flooding.

H.R. 240 passed the U.S. House of Representatives on January 14 by a vote of 236-191.

On the House floor, five amendments were added to the legislation in order to restrict both President Obama’s executive orders regarding immigration. The White House announced that President Obama will veto H.R. 240 if these immigration amendments remain in the bill.

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