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What`s Out, What`s In: Five-Year Forecast by You

While real change can be slow, trends can change dramatically in five years. IAFC On Scene asked IAFC members which trends, issues and ideas should be out of practice by 2017 and what will still be in.

Some responses offered specific guidance while others are more encompassing of a vague cultural change. Many touched on the changes already begun as a result of economic conditions, giving hope and promise that five years is enough to make (at least some of) these changes a reality.

If we were to give an award for the most often mentioned topic, it would be the need to address business practices, including adopting lessons learned from the private sector, increasing marketing, collecting data and employing performance measurements, utilizing risk assessments, budgeting and more.

Based on direct member feedback and an environmental scan of the issues members are discussing online, in publications and educational sessions, here’s our prediction of the outs and ins for 2017. (See graphic below.) Want to add your thoughts? Join the conversation on KnowlegeNet.

Compiled by Ann Davison, CAE, IAFC strategic information manger.

What’s in, what’s out? Forecasting by IAFC members for 2017.

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