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What the IAFC Does for You

The IAFC is an organization in motion. As the economy began its downward trend in 2008, the IAFC began to respond to the changing environment and over the course of the next two years took major steps to become a leaner, more-efficient and more-agile organization. Doing so has opened up a world of opportunities to the association in 2010-2011.

This year reflects the growth and renewed energy in our ability to envision and shape the future. Many—perhaps even most—IAFC members are still struggling for critical resources in their communities, but through the association’s programs and services, they are challenging the status quo, fostering solutions that work and building the future of the fire and emergency service.

Additionally, the IAFC is fast-tracking new tools, resources and forums to give fire department leaders the opportunity to do this important work in ways that work for them.

Each summer, the IAFC provides the “What the IAFC Does for You” issue of IAFC On Scene to provide a snapshot of the work of IAFC members in a given year (August–July) and its impact on the fire and emergency service and the communities it serves.

This year’s issue reminds us that even when funding is short, there’s an investment to be made—an investment of ideas—and the return it can create for the future.

Ann Davison, CAE, is the strategic information manager for the IAFC.

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