• September 2018
    In departments staffed by volunteers, morale is the most important aspect. While creating a course to help volunteer leaders learn more about the business of running a department, our team came up with the idea for a “Chief People Officer.” read more
  • September 2018
    Many of us are facing some of the stormiest, most demanding challenges we’ve ever seen, and our jobs are changing. We aren’t just firefighters anymore; we’re civil servants called upon to answer at a moment’s notice any call for assistance. read more
  • September 2018
    It’s our duty as officers to lead; successful officers do lead, then take their lumps when they find themselves on the unpopular side of us-versus-them discussions. After these difficult situations, I do still feel part of the fire service family. read more
  • September 2018
    No organization can flourish without the right people in place, doing the right things at the right time. It’s our responsibility to set our members up for success; we must define our expectations and hold employees accountable for those results. read more

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