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IAFC Applauds Virginia for Becoming First State to Opt-in for FirstNet

Dan Eggleston, IAFC director-at-large and fire chief of the Albemarle County (Va.) Fire and Rescue, Kevin McGee, chair of the IAFC Terrorism & Homeland Security Committee and chief of Prince William County (Va.) Fire Rescue, and Mark Light, IAFC CEO/executive director, today joined Gov. Terence R. McAuliffe at a ceremonial letter signing declaring that the Commonwealth of Virginia will allow the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and AT&T to proceed with the deployment of the of the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network in Virginia. The event took place at FirstNet headquarters in Reston, Va.

Once completed in all states, it will be the first nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to America’s first responders.

Providing dedicated, interoperable, mission-critical data communications is a high priority for the IAFC. The IAFC believes FirstNet will enhance emergency-response operations throughout the fire and emergency service for years to come.

The IAFC has made it clear that the ability of a single communication network to dispatch EMS and fire personnel, a medical helicopter and other emergency responders from different jurisdictions all at the same time while enabling video, text and data communications at broadband speeds will save critical minutes when it matters most and save lives.

“The IAFC is fully committed to continuing to communicate the importance of FirstNet to the incoming administration, members of Congress and the states,” said John Sinclair, IAFC president and chairman of the board. “We will continue to work to ensure that everyone understands that FirstNet is a high priority of the IAFC and the entire fire and emergency service.”

Photo credit: Dan Eggleston, IAFC director-at-large and fire chief of the Albemarle County (Va.) Fire and Rescue, greets Virginia Gov. Terence R. McAuliffe at FirstNet event in Reston, Va.

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IAFC Position Statement on FirstNet

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