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New PSA Showcases the Power of Resident Actions to be Fire-Adapted

Fairfax, Va. – The opening general session at the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Conference provided the backdrop to debut a public-service announcement (PSA) aimed at empowering residents to take appropriate action to prepare themselves and their property against the threat of wildland fire.

Hero in You - Fire-Adapted Communities video

The Hero in You depicts a proactive resident removing debris from around her home. The resident, a mother whose child is playing in the front yard as she takes the steps to tidy her property, hears the sirens of first responders and learns there's a wildland fire burning in her neighborhood. The mother and her son, who admires first responders in action, watch wildland and structural firefighters respond to the fire.

When the mother asks the chief on scene if everything's OK, he reports that all is under control. The awestruck child asks the chief if he's a superhero; he tells the young boy that what his mother is doing around the home makes his job easier, letting him go home safely to his own family. The child views his mother in a new light, viewing her as a superhero for helping to keep firefighters safe.

The PSA was produced by the IAFC's Ready, Set, Go! Program with support from fellow members of the Fire-Adapted Communities Coalition. Coalition members work together to educate people living in the wildland-urban interface about the importance of playing an active role in the fire solution. Prefire mitigation helps improve the safety of not only civilians but firefighters as well.

The IAFC's WUI Conference is the largest meeting dedicated to wildland-fire issues in the United States and is held annually in Reno. The conference has three essential tracks to ensure you and your team get everything you need: community protection, operations and suppression, and restoration and risk management. The conference has your wildland-fire education needs covered.

To view the PSA and learn more about the IAFC's efforts with the Fire-Adapted Communities Coalition, please visit the IAFC's fire-adapted communities webpage.

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