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IAFC Position: Royalty Agreements

Policy on IAFC Partnerships with Royalty Agreements 

This policy establishes guidelines governing the implementation of partnerships that have royalty or cause-related marketing agreements. Such partnerships will be between the International Association of Fire Chiefs and companies/corporations/businesses that desire to incorporate the IAFC name, logo, mission and/or programs into their sales promotions that will assist them in their marketing, while providing defined support to the IAFC mission. Products, services, and/or advertising messages must not conflict with the policies, standards, positions, principles or the mission of IAFC. Such partnerships shall not imply IAFC endorsement of associated products and services.

The IAFC will work only with reputable corporations/companies/businesses that wish to incorporate the use of the IAFC name, logo, mission and/or programs into their sales promotion efforts, while at the same time providing support to the association’s mission. This support may be financial, reputation enhancement, program support or other form of support mutually agreed upon by both parties. 

Corporations/companies/businesses entering into such royalty marketing agreements with IAFC must:

  • Be financially sound and remain financially sound.
  • Have a good record with the Better Business Bureau and Dunn and Bradstreet.
  • Be free of current and pending legal actions that could bring harm or disfavor to the mission and general direction of the IAFC and/or its member agencies.

A background check of the corporation/company/business should include but will not be limited to:

  • A copy of the company’s most recent financial audit.
  • A background check with the respective IAFC division president, state fire chiefs association and/or local fire agencies in which the corporation/company/business is headquartered in to ensure credibility.
  • If and when appropriate, the products being endorsed must meet a recognized third party laboratory testing approval.

Specific requirements regarding partnerships are:

  • When the IAFC name or logo is mentioned, shown or implied, all label design, related materials, advertising and copy will be provided to and approved by the IAFC prior to production.
  • Specific language to accompany the IAFC name or logo will be approved by the IAFC. 

SUBMITTED BY: IAFC Policy Task Force
ADOPTED BY: IAFC Board of Directors, January 2002

Download the Royalty Agreements (pdf)

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