Recruitment and Retention How-To Guides

The National Volunteer Workforce Solutions (VWS) team has created short how-to guides on a variety of topics to assist volunteer and combination fire departments with their recruitment and retention activities. 

Utilize a GIS Tapestry Report

Data is one of the most important elements when it comes to marketing and recruitment. Knowing what works best for a specific audience allows a department to tailor marketing campaigns to best reflect the target audience and the community the department serves. Tapestry reports deliver community specific data that can assist a department to create recruitment materials and better understand the community it serves.

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Increase Community Outreach

Local fire departments have always been a fundamental staple within a community. Understanding the community is important for a department to deliver the best service; knowing how to interact with all members of the community can be the difference between life and death.

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Increase Membership Motivation

Motivation can come in many forms. It’s up to department officers to get to know their membership and identify how individuals best receive praise. It is also up to department leadership to create a rewards system to keep members motivated throughout their tenure with the organization.

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Effectively Correspond with Membership

The world is filled with communication overload and inboxes are constantly displaying notifications for emails on phones, tablets and computers. This messaging influx makes it difficult for those sending messages to obtain a response from readers. So how do you correspond quickly and effectively with department members?

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Speaking to Government Officials

We have created a template to assist departments in creating presentations for government officials. This PowerPoint is complete with directions in each slide's notes section on how to customize a presentation unique to your department. Please feel free to utilize this template, while referencing the “How-To” guide to create a professional and informative presentation for your next meeting with government officials.

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Hosting a Successful Open House

The ability to host a successful open house is vital to volunteer fire departments. Open houses give the community the opportunity to learn from and interact with department members. 

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