VISION: The VCOS International Strategic Initiative Online Network


To produce a comprehensive framework to assist communities and their fire and emergency service leaders to create and maintain dynamic organizations.


VISION is the result of the combined efforts of fire chiefs from across the U.S. and Canada addressing the needs of volunteer and combination emergency response agencies. Our efforts were focused on specific areas of organizational management that had been identified as presenting challenges to creating and sustaining viable emergency response programs. The information contained on the website will be continuously reviewed and updated as new ideas are brought forth from the leadership in emergency response.

  • Topics:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • EMS
    • Community Relations
    • Section VCOS
    • Safety & Health
    • Operations
    • Leadership
    • Government Relations
    • Volunteer
    • Department Administration
  • Resource Type:
    • Field operating guide
    • Guide/ toolkit/ template
    • Public education material
    • Report/ publication
    • Strategy development tool
    • Training
    • SOP/SOG
    • Research
    • Article
  • Organizational Author:
    • Volunteer Combination Officers Section

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