True Leadership: Twelve Principles Public Safety Leaders Must Adopt to Be Successful in the 21st Century

This book serves as a resource tool for new and experienced leaders in organizations. It highlights the critical principles needed to address challenges that will arise during your time as a leader and ways of addressing them. Principles often take us to uncomfortable places we would rather not be. When addressing these situations, following ones principles are seldom the easiest thing to do; yet it is imperative we do so. You will find that these principles are indifferent to friendships, party affiliation, tribal ethos, nationalities, ethnicities or established organizational cultures. They are applicable to virtually any situation, whether minor or major and will point you towards the right decision. If applied, these principles will successfully guide your leadership team.

Ewell, P. Lamont (2020). True leadership: Twelve principles public safety leaders must adopt to be successful in the 21st Century. Authorhouse.

Recommended by: Fernando Gray Sr., Aurora Fire Department

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    • Leadership
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