Volunteer Workforce Solutions Recruitment and Retention Support

How can we help with volunteer recruitment and retention?

Program and Grant Management Services:

  • Successful management of national, statewide and local programs

  • Assistance with grant reporting

  • Budget management

  • Daily program implementation of deliverables and recruitment campaign materials

Recruitment Planning Services

We discover your goals, needs and challenges to formulate a customized plan for your department. Additional resources include:

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Tapestry Report
    We create a GIS Tapestry Report specific to your department that details your community's demographics, including lifestyle data and media preferences, for more targeted outreach. Here’s a sample report
  •  Site Visits
    We visit your department and meet with various stakeholders to provide recommendations for improving volunteer recruitment and retention.


We provide a variety of training opportunities, including online courses designed to help chiefs and administrative leaders in volunteer fire departments effectively execute their roles and responsibilities.  

We also offer presentations and facilitated discussions, sharing cutting-edge recruitment and retention strategies.

Media Services

  • Recruitment campaign design
  • Marketing assistance to create a catchy recruitment slogan
  • Printing of marketing materials

Social Media Calendar Development

We develop a monthly social media calendar to enhance your online presence and spread your recruitment message. Posts include recognition of current volunteers, upcoming events and more.

Department Website  Development

We create an eye-catching, modern website with your provided content. We also offer training for you to continue updating your website.

Coordination of Media Buys

Let us help you navigate the various media outlet options and work to get you the best prices for:

  • iHeart Media
  • Pandora
  • Radio and TV stations
  • Periodicals
  • Billboards
  • Social Media

Ready to get started with us?

Email: VWS@IAFC.org
Call: 703-896-4836

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