Volunteer to Combination Conversion Online Series and Building a Collaborative Team Course

Combining volunteer and career staff has proven to be an extremely effective operational model for the fire service. To better understand how your department can increase safety in your community, the IAFC has created three online courses and one in-person course.

  • Course 1, “Is It Time to Transition to a Combination Department,” looks at key indicators to help you understand whether moving from an all-volunteer department to a combination department is right for your community.
  • Course 2, “How to Transition to a Combination Department,” helps you understand the necessary steps to ensure successful integration of career staff.
  • Course 3, “Build a Collaborative Team Culture,” allows the student to understand the environment that must exist for both volunteer and career staff to operate as one team and not as two separate units.

To access the above courses, log on to the IAFC Academy. Once there, you can find them under “Leadership” then “Volunteer to Combination Conversion.”

access the online courses

After Completing the Online Course, Attend the In-Person Course: Building a Collaborative Team

Once students have completed Course 3, they may attend an in-person course, Building a Collaborative Team, which focuses on the relationships between volunteer and career staff in the fire station. There is no lecture or presentations, only group exercises, role playing, and in-depth discussions.

2022 Course Dates

  • July 16-17: Omaha, Nebraska
  • August 20-21: Nashville, Tennessee
  • September 3-4: Ketchikan, Alaska
  • October 8-9: Bangor, Maine

For questions or if you are interested in taking the in-person course, please contact Course Manager, Matt Aalto.

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