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Workforce Solutions

Partnering with organizations on a local, state and national level, Workforce Solutions (VWS) offers fire departments turnkey solutions focused on volunteer and combination systems’ recruitment and retention efforts.

Volunteering within a community is one of the best ways to make a difference; both to yourself and the community in which you serve. Take the challenge and volunteer at your local fire department today! If you are already a volunteer, WS will work directly with you to reduce your department’s recruitment and retention problems by providing marketing materials, training, and staff support.

WS provides support in the following areas:

  • Leadership support through the development and/or delivery of leadership training and tools focused on the needs of the volunteer fire department.
  • Recruitment and retention support, including development of traditional or cutting-edge recruitment strategies.
  • Department review to identify issues and challenges influencing the recruitment and retention rates of volunteer firefighters.
  • Support for current or future grant funded recruitment and retention projects, including AFG-SAFER recruitment and retention grant proposals.
  • Topics:
    • Volunteer
    • Recruitment
  • Resource Type:
    • Training
    • Research
  • Organizational Author:
    • VWS

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