Accomplishments and Achievements

The IAFC's goal is to enhance your professionalism and capabilities by providing you trusted leadership through vision, information, education, services and representation. These outlets allow IAFC members, numerous working groups and committed IAFC staff to collaborate and provide an active, passionate voice about issues that make a difference.

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Here's a brief snapshot of the association's recent activities that are focused on ensuring your success as a leader in the fire and emergency service:

  • In April, IAFC leaders and staff led a session at the Congressional Fire Institute’s Annual Symposium on creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce. 
  • Applications have been processed for the Fire Department Exchange scheduled for October in Boise, Idaho. This program encourages departments to collaborate and improve their wildland fire programs.
  • In May, the IAFC Concealed Carry Weapon Task Force had its inaugural conference call.
  • Since March, the IAFC has held several successful annual conferences including Wildland Urban Interface, Fire-Rescue Med, International Hazardous Materials Response Teams, Symposium in the West, Metro Chiefs and Fire-Rescue International.
  • The Hazmat Center developed and launched an online Regional Rail Response class.
  • VCOS and NVFC hosted a webinar about best practices for preventing firefighter cancer.
  • The IAFC and TransCanada extended their partnership that provides training and resources about pipeline safety and emergency response.
  • The IAFC exhibited or presented at over 20 regional and local events including the Walmart Emergency Management Team Meeting, DHS First Responders Group and the Atlantic States Hurricane Meeting.
  • The Volunteer Workforce Solutions program continues to provide departments with tools and resources to recruit new members.
  • The International Fellowship Program hosted several graduations of cohorts across the country. In August, they celebrated the creation of their 10th cohort.
  • The new association president, Chief Dan Eggleston from Albemarle County, Va., was sworn in at Fire-Rescue International in August.

For questions or feedback, please email or call the IAFC office toll free at 866-385-9110, Monday through Friday, 9 PM to 5 PM EST.

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