Accomplishments and Achievements

The IAFC's goal is to enhance your professionalism and capabilities by providing you trusted leadership through vision, information, education, services and representation. These outlets allow IAFC members, numerous working groups and committed IAFC staff to collaborate and provide an active, passionate voice about issues that make a difference.

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Here's a brief snapshot of the association's recent activities that are focused on ensuring your success as a leader in the fire and emergency service:

  • The IAFC Safety, Health & Survival (SHS) Section developed the Diesel Exhaust Report, making critical recommendations to minimize firefighter exposure to contaminants from diesel engines.
  • The IAFC Wildland Fire Policy Committee (WFPC) participated in the Wildland Fire Leadership Council meeting on September 17 in Washington, D.C., to coordinate implementation of the Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy and related long-term strategies.
  • The IAFC hosted the Forest Service Partner Summit on October 23-24, to bring about change in how communities view, react to and mitigate against the devastating effects of wildfire on a national level.
  • The SHS Section held its first Workplace Bullying and Violence Symposium at Fire-Rescue International 2018. More than 50 leaders participated in the symposium, which highlighted the need to address critical issues around workplace bullying and violence.
  • The IAFC Terrorism and Homeland Security (THS) Committee presented the Joint Counterterrorism Awareness Team symposium on August 7 at FRI. 
  • Ken LaSala, IAFC government relations and policy director, presented a legislative update to attendees at FRI.
  • In October, the VCOS held a train-the-trainer session at the IAFC for their new courses, Member and Leadership Collaboration (MLC) and the Yellow Ribbon Course. 
  • The SHS Section presented “An American Perspective on Firefighter Health and Fitness” at the FireFit Conference in November.
  • The VCOS Board and VCOS members were honored and humbled to attend the NFFF Memorial Service on October 7 and remember 103 U.S. fallen firefighters.
  • During Hurricanes Michael and Florence, the IAFC provided a suite of tools to the state fire marshal office in Florida allowing first responders to quickly map out victims and their status, hazards in the field and damage to structures.
  • The IAFC began work as a subcontractor in November for the DHS S&T Innovative Mutual Aid Technology & Capacity Building program.
  • On October 5, the IAFC’s National VWS Grant launched the online Chief’s Administrative Rapid Information Tool (A-RIT).

For questions or feedback, please email or call the IAFC office toll free at 866-385-9110, Monday through Friday, 9 PM to 5 PM EST.

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