Accomplishments and Achievements

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  • The IAFC produced the second annual International Fire Operations Conference (IFOC) in Bahrain.  
  • In February, the IAFC’s Safety, Health and Survival Section (SHSS), in cooperation with the Emergency Responder Safety Institute, issued an emergency safety and survival alert focusing on highway and roadway safety.  
  • In March, the IAFC’s FLSS Section hosted the inaugural Community Risk Reduction Leadership Conference. 
  • The IAFC recently signed a letter with approximately 35 other organizations, including the ICC, IAFF, IAAI, NFPA and CFSI, urging Congress to require the use of up-to-date building standards in funding infrastructure projects under the new infrastructure bill.  
  • The Hazmat Center recently finished its ALERT 2 report. Thousands of first responders were provided with vital and timely hazmat-response information.  
  • In January, IAFC’s VCOS section released the Federal Compliance Toolkit to assist departments with staying in compliance with FLSA, Social Security Administration and IRS regulations.  
  • The IAFC has partnered with NAPSG on a FEMA project to develop the requirements for a mutual-aid planning tool.  
  • The Program Planning Committee is working with Emergency Services Consulting Inc. on the career-impact training that will be part of the Fire-Rescue International 2019 program.  
  • In January, the IAFC’s third National Volunteer Workforce Solutions (VWS) grant began work on a climate survey for inclusion and diversity in firehouses with volunteers.  
  • In December, IAFC Wildland Fire Program staff hosted a webinar to highlight the new features in the Achievement Management System, including mitigation reporting, detailed activity reports and the new leaderboards.  
  • The IAFC partnered with American Military University and the IAFC Terrorism and Homeland Security Committee to develop an e-magazine, Protecting Against Cyberattacks: A Guide for Public Safety Leaders.  

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