Accomplishments and Achievements

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Here's a brief snapshot of the IAFC's recent activities that are focused on ensuring your success as a leader in the fire and emergency service.

  • Launched the IAFC Coronavirus Task Force.
  • Created the IAFC Economic Task Force to help IAFC members navigate fiscal challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.  
  • Implemented the International Fire & EMS Command Center at IAFC headquarters. The Command Center is staffed by key IAFC staff, members and renowned, retired fire and EMS leaders.
  • Established a Coronavirus Resources page to educate fire chiefs on recommendations for addressing the coronavirus.
  • Released What Fire Chiefs Need to Know regarding the National Emergency Declaration.
  • Continuing work on the America Burning Revisited, a study based on previous findings of past America Burning conferences and other relevant information. 
  • Kicked off IAFC President Ludwig’s presidential initiative, If You Don’t Feel Well, Don’t Make It Your Farewellwith great success.  
  • Established the COVID-19 Lessons Learned community on KnowledgeNet.  
  • Launched the new and improved IAFC Career Center.

For questions or feedback, please email or call the IAFC office toll free at 866-385-9110, Monday through Friday, 9 PM to 5 PM EST.

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