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The Executive Fire Officers (EFO) Section provides value to ALL IAFC members considering executive development. The recognition of and need for executive development is NOT limited to National Fire Academy EFO graduates. The EFO Section identifies and promotes best practices for succession planning and executive officer education. Are you a chief officer? Do you want to be a chief officer? If so, the IAFC EFO Section is intended for you!

The EFO Section exists for: "Identifying, producing and encouraging industry-wide and governmental acceptance of executive fire officer development program, certifications, and standards."

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If you are interested in joining the EFO section:

  • IAFC members: Call the IAFC member services toll free at 866-385-9110. (You can be invoiced or pay over the phone with a credit card.)
  • Non-IAFC members: Join the IAFC and add the EFO section to your membership package.

Section dues: $25 year 

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Questions? Contact us at EFO@iafc.org.

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Please use this online form to send your applied research project survey request. Questions? EFO@iafc.org


EFO Annual Meeting at #VirtualFRI

Did you miss the EFO annual meeting? You can now watch what happened at #VirtualFRI.

watch the meeting

Report from the Chair

Hello everyone! My hope is that everyone is doing fairly well despite the resurgence of COVID-19 throughout the country, and that you are still following CDC guidelines, governor’s orders, county and local government orders. Just remember that we all need to stay positive, work together to get through this, and if you need help or just need to talk to someone, there are many options out there to assist you. Don’t keep it bottled up inside of you! 
I mentioned in a previous report that the Executive Board proposed to change the section’s name to the Executive Leadership Section while we were re-evaluating our strategic directive and our bylaws and that the IAFC board tabled the discussion back in March. Well, as the months went by and the Executive Board had a few more discussions, we have decided that we will remain the Executive Fire Officers Section. Basically, it came down to why change something that we know works so well. Thank you to all our members on making us the second largest section of the IAFC.
I would like to introduce our new section logo at the top of this message. We modernized our logo to incorporate the IAFC’s three initiatives: Lead, Educate, and Serve. You will see the three stars in our new logo that depicts these initiatives along with some wings that reach back to the USFA/NFA’s “Hot Foot” as a remembrance of where we came from back in the day – the National Society of Executive Fire Officers.
Just recently, we have partnered with Land’s End to sell EFO apparel. The link to the website is on our EFO Section page, or you can click this link. There are some really nice shirts that you can get our logo on and show support for our section. Additionally, now that we have a new logo, we are in the process of making new challenge coins. Stay tuned for the notification that the new coins are available.
I want to thank Dr. Denis Onieal and Chief Joe Pulvermacher for their two-part Executive Leadership Webinar (Preparation & Application and Succession Planning, Mentoring and Organizational Progression). Additionally, a big thank you to those that listened to the webinars. If you did not get a chance to listen to them, they are both available on our webpage. We received many good topic suggestions for future webinars so keep your eyes open for the announcement of our next webinar in 2021.
If you are interested in writing an article for iCHIEFS, contact us at EFO@iafc.org.
On behalf of the Executive Board and myself, we want to wish you and your families a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season.

Until next time, stay safe!
Chair Jo-Ann Lorber

EFO Webinars

EFO Executive Leadership Webinar, Part 1: Preparation and Application

Join the EFO Section Great Lakes Director Chief Joe Pulvermacher and Dr. Denis Onieal for part one of a two part series that explores Executive Leadership.

Watch the Webinar

EFO Executive Leadership Webinar, Part 2: Succession Planning, Mentoring and Organization Progression

Join the EFO Section Great Lakes Director Chief Joe Pulvermacher and Dr. Denis Onieal for part two of a series that explores Executive Leadership.

watch the webinar

Latest from the EFO Section

You're the Fire Chief; Now What? Guidance for New and Interim Fire Chiefs

This document was developed by the Volunteer and Combination Officers Section (VCOS) of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), in partnership with the Executive Fire Officers (EFO) Section of the IAFC, to provide guidance for a new or interim chief’s first 100 days. This new report lays out the key things a new or interim chief needs to know and be thinking about on the first day, during the first week, during the first month, and during months two through six. It also provides advice and warnings for a new or interim chief to help them avoid common mistakes.

VCOS and EFO strongly encourage you to download and add this crucial guidance to your toolkit and the toolkits of the future leaders of your organization.


  • May 1, 2019
    How do new chiefs prepare for what happens after they're appointed? Like new parents, do they ask themselves, “Am I ready? Am I the right person for the job?” Remember, you are not alone. read more
  • March 12, 2019
    For a program to remain relevant for decades, it must evolve. The EFOP is currently undergoing one of its most significant evolutions since its creation. read more
  • February 15, 2019
    A positive partnership between labor and management is critical and necessary aspect of leading a fire department. How do we ensure that labor and management develop and maintain a positive partnership? read more

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