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Safety, Health And Survival Section Spotlight: West University Place

The Safety, Health and Survival Section (SHSS) Spotlight is focused on highlighting leaders who've rolled out programs and efforts to improve the safety and wellness of their department and community.


Tell us about your program 

We provide annual physical assessments that include: hearing, vision, blood pressure, full blood lab work, chest x-ray, spirometry, EKG, urinalysis, height & weight measurements, and examination by a physician. After assessment is finished, individualized results are disseminated with recommendations and follow-up with physician, if needed. This assessment is additional, on top of the annual biometric physical all city employees are required to have. 

The program keeps firefighters apprised of health trends and offers recommendations in improving their health that are specific to firefighters based on the duties we are expected to perform. 

How can other departments learn more information?

Find a health services that can provide complete NFPA 1582 physical exams. Local occupational physicians that are familiar with the standard can be sourced. There are also mobile services that provide medical evaluation services that come to your organization and conduct them on site. Download the IAFC-SHS Emergency Services Road Map to Health and Wellness for even more information and resources.

Who can be contacted for more information about these health and wellness programs?

John Breaux
West University Place Fire Department



The IAFC Safety, Health and Survival (SHS) Section is committed to reducing injuries and deaths in our fire service. Does your department have a program that has resulted in improved health and safety of your personnel? We want to share it! Fill out this brief survey and you may be the next spotlight.

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