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IAFC Hazmat Center Brings in Experts from Across the US to Help Develop Community Safety Tool-Kit

In the days prior to the 2019 Hazmat Conference in Baltimore, responders and safety experts met for a pilot to discuss issues facing LEPCs across the nation. The effort was part of the IAFC Community Safety – Emergency Planning, Response, and Outreach (CS-EPRO) Pilot Program. 

This program is funded by a grant from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration with the goal of creating community training, preparing residents for over-the-road, rail and pipeline hazmat incidents, especially in rural areas.  The local fire department, emergency planners, and the LEPC will be the leaders of these efforts locally and will be actively implementing this program within their communities.  

One of the sessions likewise involved reviewing and modifying program materials and resources for the CS-EPRO webpage and the tool-kit. The webpage will serve as a conduit for LEPCs, first responders, and community members to find information on issues related to LEPC and emergency planning. 

The team also, with the help of the pilot members, was able to film two four-panel discussion sessions that discussed best practices of LEPCs, community involvement and communication efforts. The goal is to develop five to six, 30-minute educational web videos to be posted on the Hazmat Fusion Center social media platforms, our LEPC web page, and will be included in the tool-kit. 


Steven Ilchishin is the Content & Communications Manager for the IAFC

Ashley Johnson is the Project Manager of the IAFC Hazmat Center

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