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Wildfire Mitigation Awards Open

Learn about our partners and why recognizing mitigation leaders with a WMA is so important. You'll also hear from winners about what it means to have been recognized.


Wildfire Mitigation is imperative to improving community resilience to wildfire. Right now, across the country, communities and property owners are implementing successful wildfire preparedness efforts resulting in on-the-ground risk reduction. The IAFC in partnership with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), National Association of State Foresters (NASF) and United States Forest Service (USFS) recognize and honor those who are implementing effective mitigation through the Wildfire Mitigation Awards. 

These awards not only seek to increase risk reduction work on the ground but also recognize the value of community fire adaptation for the greater good. Getting the public to understand wildfire is a year-round, national issue is a challenge, but every investment made makes a difference in the effort to reduce wildfire risk nationwide.

Commenting on the program, IAFC 2018-2019 President Dan Eggleston, said:

Getting more people involved in understanding the risk, looking at the best practices, really getting involved in their community to reduce the risk should pay dividends in terms of the catastrophic losses we’ve seen in the past. 

Rewarding those efforts made by one individual or community motivates others to take a look at the work that should be done to mitigate their own wildfire risk. 

2019 WMA winner Pat Dwyer:

We all cheer when one wins, but that inspires the other ones to go forward .  

If you know of someone deserving of recognition for their wildfire mitigation work, please review the Wildfire Mitigation Award criteria and submit a nomination!

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