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Fifth-Graders Gives Back to Their Community

Ms. Kathryn Lubeck’s 5th-grade class at Morikami Park Elementary School in Delray Beach, Florida, decided to take their research of wildland-fire preparedness beyond the walls of their classroom and into their community by donating to the Ready, Set, Go! Program (RSG). The students were introduced to RSG in a presentation from the Florida Forest Service that explained the threat of wildland fire to the area and highlighted mitigation and outreach efforts by the RSG! Program to combat the problem.

On further research, the class discovered that the program teaches communities how to prepare for the threat of wildland fire. Excited about the RSG message, the youths put their enthusiasm into action by holding a no-uniform day at their school. In lieu of normal school attire, the children paid for the chance to wear casual clothes during a designated school day. The class of 21 students raised a total of $197, which was then presented to the RSG! Program as a donation.

Beyond donating to the RSG! Program, the students have also completed mitigation work in a local park by picking up trash, dead plants, dried shrubs and other debris that could potentially start a wildland fire in their community.The group also sent thank you letters and a video to an Arizona fire department that tragically lost members in the act of battling a devastating wildland fire in 2013.

The experience and research of the students is part of a year-long exhibition project that they will present to their school before the year ends.

Regarding the talents of her class, Ms. Lubeck stated, “My students this year are some of the most dedicated, interested, compassionate, eager students, who have been working all year to gain knowledge on wildfires and why fires world-wide are becoming increasingly worse … They are beyond excited to spread the word about the seriousness of wildfires, but also to educate others on simple ways they can take action too.”

The RSG! Program will use the funds provided from the students to increase wildland-fire preparedness outreach and mitigation efforts in the Delray Beach area, where the students live. Thank you to Ms. Lubeck’s 5th grade class for helping the RSG! Program spread the wildland-fire safety message in a unique and creative way!

Remember! Anyone can spread the RSG message. Log on today to WildlandFireRSG.org to join the RSG! Program.

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