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Marc Sampson Receives 2014 FLSS Scholarship

Marc Sampson of City of Longmont Colorado has been named recipient of the FLSS/IAFC Foundation Scholarship to attend the 2014 Harvard Strategic Management of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies program.

"We are pleased to make the award announcement to Marc Sampson and we know that he will represent the IAFC and FLSS well," explained Adolf Zubia, Chairman of the Fire and Life Safety Section. "As a fire protection engineer for the City of Longmont Colorado he is in an exceptional position to put the knowledge gained in this course into action immediately. Marc's experience will serve him well as he embraces the concepts presented in this course that is designed for officials in regulatory and enforcement agencies."

Marc Sampson is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a BS in fire protection and safety technology. He is a member of the Missouri Valley Division and the IAFC FLSS. Sampson serves on the International Code Council Fire Code Action Committee and represents the IAFC on the Fire Service Membership Council Governance Committee. He has worked as the fire protection engineer for the City of Longmont in Colorado for the past 18 years.

"I am honored and proud to accept this scholarship and I am very excited about the opportunity to participate in this program," added Marc. "My experience as a fire protection engineer will be greatly enhanced through this learning experience and my professional career, and I look forward to learning the latest information that will most certainly be a part of this leadership course. As a member of the National Fire Code Action Committee, I will be able to put this experience to use immediately for our nation and my community."

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