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President`s Letter: Your Association, Your Direction

In 2012, a survey of IAFC members was conducted to solicit input for our association’s strategic planning efforts. The results were used to formulate the IAFC’s strategic direction at a summit conducted in Virginia in January 2013.

Attendees at the 2013 summit included a large group of members representing all IAFC divisions, sections, committees and the board of directors. This summit provided the IAFC’s strategic direction based on our mission to Lead, Educate and Serve.

In our efforts to remain relevant and valuable to our members, we recently conducted another survey in December 2014. I’m happy to report that the number of those responding to this survey was up 26% from the 2012 survey. I want to pause here and express my deep appreciation for the increased participation from you all.

Last month in Oklahoma City, the IAFC board of directors met to review this latest survey and to discuss any necessary adjustments and recommend any changes to our strategic direction.

Not surprisingly, there was little if any change in what you identified as priorities from 2012 to present and what you value and believe is beneficial in terms of the services you receive as an IAFC member. Legislative advocacy, professional-development programs, communication of timely information, networking and collaboration opportunities remain as IAFC services and benefits you find among the most valuable.

Among the most encouraging information from this survey was that 65% of the respondents would be extremely likely to refer a friend or colleague for IAFC membership, up from 56% in 2012. Additionally many of our younger members desire opportunities to serve our organization in a leadership position and support the fire service through their membership in the IAFC.

Within the next few months, this strategic direction will be published for your information and comment before its formal acceptance by the board of directors. As the IAFC is a member-focused, -oriented and -governed association, your feedback is vitally important to the current and future direction of our organization.

And one more bit of good news to share. In 2014, the IAFC experienced a 3.25% increase in paid members. This brings our total membership to 11,248, our highest number in more than eight years. This is truly exciting and I can’t thank you all enough for your efforts in this area.

G. Keith Bryant
President and Chairman of the Board

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