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Visionary EMS Leadership: The History of the James O Page Award

Traditions play a major role in the fire service; they are handed down from one generation to the next. Every year at Fire-Rescue Med, the EMS Section remembers James O. Page, a dedicated leader who made a significant contribution to bringing EMS into the fire service. Naming a recipient of the award named for him is our tradition of remembering someone who impacted fire-based EMS through vision and leadership.

In 1994, an award was presented to that year’s top television show, Rescue 911. The following year, the award was presented to James O. Page to recognize his years of leadership, dedication and overall vision of fire-based EMS. Shortly after, the EMS Section named the award in Page’s honor to preserve the impact of his efforts and work on the expansion and enhancement of EMS in the fire service.

Jim Page’s Contribution

Jim Page served the Los Angeles County (California) Fire Department from 1959 to 1973. His background in the fire service and his many other contributions helped create a pathway for the development of EMS that still impacts a generation of the fire service leaders today.

Jim was a frequent keynote speaker at Fire-Rescue Med. His guidance and mentorship provided many fire-based EMS leaders with clear vision and support that was important in the early days of EMS. He was a prolific writer on subjects that shaped the core of EMS.

Jim’s sudden death in September 2014 impacted not only his family, but also many friends and colleagues. His influence and stature have not diminished in the years since his death, which is why the EMS Section continues to remind us year of his legacy.

The James O. Page Award

For over two decades, the James O. Page Award has been presented annually to a special individual who has played a key role in creating or promoting nonclinical innovation and achievements in fire-based EMS management and leadership that has had a positive impact across the United States.

Individuals selected for this award are:

  • Dedicated to creating a positive image for EMS while being an advocate of the fire service.
  • Devoted to making a difference for the overall good of the fire service.
  • Committed to furthering and strengthening the role and image of fire-based EMS across the country.

And they demonstrate:

  • Enthusiasm and dedication toward fire-based EMS.
  • Professionalism and vision.
  • A desire for achievement and drive for excellence.
  • Exemplary performance and leadership qualities.

Each year, the EMS Section Board carefully considers and determines who best meets these criteria. Take a look at the list of past recipients (PDF).


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