Diversity Is So Close and Yet So Far

We know that debate related to diversity has been raging across our country—not only in our firehouses, but also in industry, schools and neighborhoods—for too many years. And yet, there still isn’t a bright-line answer. We also realize that this issue of diversity has sought an equality solution through legislation with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its various amendments, the formation of EEOC, the creation of department policy and education, and, when that all fails to be effective, litigation.

A rich history, with laws and policies set in place, offers some guidance about how we should treat each other. We should be able to see how this continual conflict divides us as a nation and an industry. So why are we still discussing these issues? Because, as an industry, we still don’t have it right. Access the full resource article below.

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    • Human Relations, Diversity & Inclusion
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