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IAFC Resources for Preparing for Civil Unrest

To help fire departments provide service to their communities and protect their personnel, the IAFC has both compiled and developed the following resources for preparing for incidents involving civil unrest:

  1. Response Considerations: Incidents Involving Crowds Following the 2020 National Election PeriodThis document outlines potential threats during the period before, during, and after the November 3 election. It is still relevant as we approach the January 20 presidential inauguration. This document discusses incidents, including cyber-attacks, civil unrest, and arson. It also includes operational considerations and resources.
  2. Incidents Involving Crowds During COVID-19 PandemicThis IAFC document details nine response considerations that fire and EMS departments may encounter when responding to incidents involving large protest crowds that escalate into violence.
  3. Best Practices for EMS and Fire Response to Incidents During Civil Unrest: This document, prepared by the U.S. Fire Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, provides information about protecting personnel, vehicles and stations, along with how to safely operate during a period of civil unrest.
  4. Violent Extremists and Terrorists Exploit Civil Unrest & Public Assemblies in the U.S.This two-page report summarizes the civil unrest threat and includes resources for local public safety agencies’ use.
  5. Protecting Infrastructure During Public DemonstrationsThis DHS document provides guidance and resources to prevent and mitigate the opportunity for unlawful acts during public demonstrations.
  6.  Urban Fire Forum Civil Unrest White PaperThis 2016 joint IAFC-NFPA-Metro Chiefs document provides information about working with your community, developing unified command with law enforcement, force protection, and operations during periods of civil unrest.
  7. Urban Fire Forum Draft Standard Operating ProcedureThis 2016 document provides a draft SOP to help fire and EMS departments respond to incidents of civil unrest.
  8. IAFC Terrorism Response – A Checklist and Guide for Fire Chiefs and Community Preparedness LeadersThis IAFC document provides a framework to help fire and EMS departments prepare for, respond to and recover from acts of terrorism and other large-scale incidents.
  9. IAFC Checklist for Active Shooter ResponseThis IAFC resource is a two-page document to help incident commanders when they arrive on scene at an active shooter incident.
  10. IAFC Active Shooter ToolkitThis members-only IAFC resource provides access to reports, briefings and other information to help fire and EMS departments prepare for active shooter incidents.
  11. IAFC Homeland Security Intelligence Guide for Fire Chiefs: This guide provides information to help fire and EMS chiefs contact federal, state and local homeland security and law enforcement partners to access information about threats to their community.
  12. CISA Fire as a Weapon Action Guide: This two-page document by the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency provides information about potential indicators; what you should do in the case of an attack using fire as a weapon; and protective measures and mitigation strategies.

Stay safe.

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